Summary in English

World’s First Self-Playing Tuba/Sousaphon-Accordion Orchestra

In the over 100-year history of mechanical music instruments, many instruments were brought to play automatically (piano, organ, violin, percussion and others). There was never any success, however, with mechanically blowing a sheet metal wind instrument such as the tuba or the Sousaphone.

After several years work the brothers Marcus and Michael Buschmann solved the problem, and since a tubaist or Sousaphonist can’t permantly entertain all alone, the wind instrument was placed beside an accordionist. Consequently, the “Pneuphonikers” are the first and only mechanical Sousaphone/-Tuba-Accordion orchestra world-wide.

The reactions of the audience are same again and again: First mystification and then enthusiasm.

Pneumatic valve generates the tone

During a 3-year development period they succeeded in producing the appropriate tones, using a very fast pneumatic valve, that match the respective tone needed when the tuba valve keys are pressed. The buttons of the tuba and those of the accordion move as by a ghostly hand. Both instruments allow a superhuman playing technique in the tempo as well as the tone duration.

Life-size dolls play numerous melodies with accordion and tuba


The life-size doll that plays the tuba is at the side of another mechanical accordionist. The two puppets and their heads move synchronized to the music, and at the last chorus the accordionist rises up with his instrument.

The “Pneuphonikers” can play almost 250 melodies, oldies and current hits, that were specifically arranged for accordion and tuba. “Papa Joe” Buschmann himself arranged most of the songs and transferred them via keyboard to “let the music play”!

With 128 volume-grading per tone, the instruments play all musical delicacies: From fortissimo until pianissimo. The life-size dolls equipped by Rita Buschmann move to the music, and the accordionist shows not only facial expression but even rises up during the performance.